Diagnostics Management

What Is A Diagnostic Management Software?

Maintaining a diagnostic center with a variety of manual tasks such sample collection, report delivery, agent commission, money collecting, etc. is becoming increasingly difficult for diagnostic centers. Aqa Technologies develops a user-friendly system with this in mind so that any diagnostic centers, nursing homes, hospitals, or polyclinics may manage their operations with simplicity. Our Hospital Management System software, which met all of the demands of a sizable Nursing Home or Hospital, is a sub product of our Diagnostics Management System program.

An integrated, modular client-server system that manages investigations, investigation reports, and other tasks linked to diagnostic centers is called the Diagnostics Management System. The Diagnostic Management System is a one-stop shop for organizing all laboratory visits and reports in a proper and systematic manner. It is a distinctive piece of medical laboratory software that aids in the creation of intelligent reports for biochemistry, hematology, serology, culture/sensitivity, radiology, sonography, and other fields. Not only does it provide eye-catching reports, but it also keeps track of several tasks including sample collection and agent commissioning. Any clinical or medical diagnostic center may be automated with this diagnostics management system software.

Why needs a Diagnostic Management Software?

For each component of a diagnostic center, Aqa Technology provides a fully functional management platform. The major goal of diagnostic management software is to increase productivity without placing a strain on the accounting and finance division. Maintaining a diagnostic center with a variety of manual tasks, including collecting samples, delivering reports, collecting money from agents, and so forth, has become increasingly difficult for diagnostic centers.

Every area of the medical business is catered to by the fully automated diagnostic management software we offer. Every action’s metrics are entirely transparent and understandable, resulting in improved reporting on what actions generate the most profit. It gives real-time visibility into each phase of the operating process. By using a digital management approach, you may cut costs, operate more quickly, and eliminate time-consuming procedures that aren’t essential, giving you more time for productive duties.

The user-friendly, entirely cloud-based Diagnostic Management Software provided by Aqa’s Software makes automating the doctor referral process quite straightforward. The productivity of the human workforce might be moved from managerial and administrative areas to ones that are more focused on the needs of the client, which will ultimately benefit your business, with the aid of one of the top diagnostic management software in Bangladesh.

Core Features Of Using Diagnostic Management Software?

Patient Registration:
  • Detailed information of patients
  • Register patients and view their reports and history
  • Mandatory fields for crucial patient information
  • Detail information of patient’s health condition
  • Alerts in place to error free data entry
  • Advanced multi-criteria search for registered patients
Out-Door Management:
  • Patient’s activity Dashboards
  • Dashboards for user activity
  • Dashboard for advances/payments/refunds etc
  • Schedules for doctors
  • Patient evaluation
  • Diagnosis, Lab orders
  • Medication orders, Procedure orders
  • Data reports on user activity/patient activity/doctor activity
Out-Patient Management:
  • Distribution duty for On-Duty Consultant
  • Patients’ History and Diagnosis Details
  • Schedule Summary for daily, weekly and monthly
  • Summary generation for Investigation & Treatment
  • Details information of Clinical Service
  • Nurse Progress Notes
  • Scheduling patient’s Surgery
  • OP Medical Observation
  • Discharge Notification
  • Discharge Summary
Billing Management:
  • Quick Billing and Payment Option
  • Printable Invoice and Receipts
  • Insurance and Sponsor Bills
Pharmacy Management:
  • Central Current inventory report
  • Generate detail and all issue report
  • Date and duration wise Inventory product listing
  • Bill Generation
Inventory management :
  • Facility of Purchase Procurement Order
  • Listing of Product receive
  • Emergency Product order
  • Receive Notification for Product department
  • Product recycles information
  • Stock adjustment
  • Stock availability report
  • Fixed Asset note & Scheduling report
  • Module wise report generation
Doctor Service Management:
  • Create Schedule for daily appointment list of patients
  • Notification alert SMS to patients
  • Details information of patients
  • Create time slot for each doctor
  • View Track and schedule individual doctor’s appointments
  • Check Doctors availability for patient’s appointment
  • Maintain patient’s appointments information
Patient Relations :
  • Collect patient data from different information systems
  • Create Patient portals
  • Capture patient feedback
  • Keep patients health records, data
  • Patient-provider communication and secure messaging
Employee Management :
  • Traceable daily work time of each employee
  • Employ’s Total working hour’s calculations
  • Easy Leaves management
  • Editable time-sheet record
  • Employee, Approver and
  • Administrator modules
  • Monitors employees attendance and login time
Diagnostic Payroll Management:
  • Hospital employee pay scale wise salary distribution
  • Employee increment information
  • Updated Employee salary calculation and tax deductions
  • Maintain employee leaves information & salary deductions
  • Printable pay slips
Account & Financial Management:
  • Keeping record of Daily
  • Payment and receive
  • Report generation of Daily Accounts
  • Generate Monthly Balance sheet
  • Yearly Balance sheet Report generation

Benefits Of Diagnostic Management Software

Patient Management System

In-Out Patient Management

The hospital can manage patient details such as patient information, bed availability, consultant and prescription, medical information, lab results, and so forth thanks to the patient management features.

Billing & Discharge Summary

Out-Patient Management

Billing & Discharge facilities are one of the most crucial aspects of the hospital management system. The billing and discharge process are totally automated thanks to this module.

Laboratory Management

Advanced Lab Management

A great feature of hospital management software is laboratory management, which aids in managing various aspects of lab management including history tracking, reporting, sample management, billing, and more.

Accounts Management

Accounts & Finance

The main function of this section is the Voucher Entry, Voucher Posting. Voucher Entry based on voucher type like Cash Payment, Cash Received, Bank Payment, Bank Received, contra account & Journal.

Payroll Management System

Human Resources Management

Employee management, employee pay clip generation, employee advance payments, advance adjustments, bonus management, provident fund management, and other topics were covered in this session.

Inventory & Stock Management

Pharmacy & Medical Inventory

The hospital management system also has inventory and stock management systems in addition to all of these other features. By using this system, the hospital is able to manage Product Order, Stock Management, Sales Management with Bar-code (POS Sale), and Profit & Loss.

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