Become a Partner

We are elated and delighted to have you join our team as one of our new business partners, dear Business Partners. We truly expected your amazing expertise and experiences, so you may end up being the finest pick for a beneficial partner. In the honor of our crew together at A’qa Technology, we extend a warm greeting to you. We can’t wait to talk to you and hear your thoughts.

Our Offered Partnership 

As per our category the models are driven as below.

Referral Program

On our Referral model the referral partner or agent will refer to Aqa  technology instead of referral fee. Referral partners or agents will create leads to customers and customers will visit A’qa technology website. Aqa technology will sell their services to their valuable customers and customers will pay the service payment. So as a vendor whenever a service is sold by the leads which are provided by the referral partner, Aqa technology will pay the referral fee.

Revenue Share Program

Revenue share model is for our Reseller partners where resellers deal with the customer and collect all the questionnaire/query from them after that resellers develop the query as per requirement. Then the vendor will provide license, maintenance and other necessary services. In this Process reseller will deal with the customer. Whatever the earning is Aqa technology will collect 60% to 70% (on negotiation) of the earning where the revenue lies.

Partnership Program

On partnership program vendors (Aqa technology) will provide software to their software partners so that software partners can sell the software and the services to the customer. On this model the vendor will provide the software , license and maintenance but the software partner will sell the software, license and the software support. Software partner will pay the vendor 60% to 70% (on negotiation) of the revenue instead of the software.

Terms and Conditions 

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our service or Join us with our referral program. Participation with us  constitutes your acceptances of all the program terms and conditions. We are excited that you are choosing to participate with our  referral program. Your participation in A’qa technology  and use of the products are strictly subject to the services terms and A’qa terms. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

  1. Participant Acceptance and Termination: We will make all determinations regarding participation in the model criteria. We reserve the right to terminate your participation in the program at any time for any reason or no reason, to the extent permitted by law, upon written notice to you. Any written notices required or permitted to be given by A’qa technology here under may be delivered by email. By participating in the referral program or the other modalities, you consent to delivery of all program-related notices and information by email to the email address you have registered with and acknowledge that you have the necessary equipment (hardware and software) to receive such emails.
  2. Confidentiality: In connection with website visitors in the webpage, you may receive confidential and proprietary information belonging to A’qa technology, including sensitive customer data (“Information”). You will maintain all of such information in strict confidence and use the information only in connection with your participation in the program. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, you agree that you will comply with the customer confidentiality provisions.
  3. SPAM Act Compliance: A’qa reserves the right to detect the presence of unauthorized access on the website. So invalid and inappropriate emails are restricted and act as a safeguard against unauthorized access. And this will be liable for the referral partners who are generating the leads for the website. 
  4. Relationship of Independent Contractors: We emerge from a good relationship to satisfy our clients though our true valuable partners. Your participation in our partnership program does not authorize you to act on our businesses, its parent’s or their respective affiliates’ behalf. If there is any contractual project or pre-modification or redevelop product we have the partnership revenue model for better understanding. According to our terms we have introduced core models here for more details.